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The Modern Game Promotional Society Inc.

Photo Gallery

QLD MODERN GAME SOCIETY 2016 QLD MODERN GAME SOCIETY 2016 Grand Champion Modern of Show Grand Champion Modern , Champion Standard Modern, Champion Blue Red Modern Fowl & Champion Blue Red Modern - Mal & Jan McDougall 202053835 Reserve Champion Modern Game Reserve Champion Modern Game, Pile Hen Champion Pile Fowl, Champion Modern Bantam, Champion Pile Bantam - Al-N-Wayne MG Stud 202053937 Champion Junior Champion Junior Meg Windus 202053945 Reserve Champion Brown Red Reserve Champion Brown Red - Michele Dunn 202053939 Champ Black Tail Wheaten Champ Black Tail Wheaten - Al-N-Wayne MG Stud 202053938 Champion Birchen Al-N-Wayne Modern Game Stud Champion Birchen overall 202053940 202053941 202053942 Champion Black Red Standard Modern Champion Black Red Standard Modern, Reserve Champion Black Red Modern overall - Jack Murphy 202053943 Reserve Black Red Modern Standard Reserve Black Red Modern Standard - Mal and Jan McDougall 202053944 Champion Lemon Blue Al-Wayne Modern Game Stud 202053946 202053936